This was a commission from the friendly guys behind DASS, a digital comic about the norwegian clergyman and poet Petter Dass. A highly fictionalised and ass kicking version that is. This is him right here.


The Deadly Nightshade

I am proud to announce that I will be publishing my first solo comic book with my friends at Überpress. “Den Dødelige Nattskygge” will be released at Raptus, Bergen International Comics Festival the 20th of september. It collects all the Nattskygge comics previously released online, plus 24 brand new pages and lots of other extra stuff. That’s 96 pages of norwegian sillyness. Drop by the festival and say hello. I might mumble something intelligible in return!

UPDATE: The comic can now be ordered here. A few people have been kind enough to review it. Check out the reviews here, here and here.



I finally got to see the results of a recent assignment. I contributed a comic page to an educational math book, published by Aschehoug. The book is the first in a series, and they each feature one page comics made by different comic book artists and illustrators spread throughout the chapters. I can’t wait to get going on the next book because these are really fun to do! This is how it looked when I sent it in:

And this is the printed results:

P1030271 copy

P1030275 copy

P1030277 copy

Sconces & Serpentines

Me and some friends have started a campaign in Dungeons & Dragons, and I figured I’d draw some avatars for us. I’ve never really done that many fantasy-type characters so I had a blast drawing these guys. Adventure, ho!

The Gilman House

This is a Lovecraftian t-shirt design I made with my friend Sondre Krum Dahl. He made the wood design, and I drew the mascot with the Innsmouth look.



Gunslinger Wayne Moon

There’s a new Über-anthology on the way. This one is western themed, as you can probably tell from the colors on the teaser for my comic:

Revolvermann promo

Halloween Wedding

I seem to have forgotten to upload this illustration I made for a super nice british couple. They wanted a poster for their halloween themed wedding. Halloween themed illustrations are really haunting me. Spooky.


UPDATE: Seems the female half of the wedded couple decided to permanently decorate her body with an illustration incorporating elements from the above poster. Pretty damn cool. And immensely flattering.




The next Über-Anthology is almost upon us, this time featuring tons of spooky, scary and silly horror comics! My contribution is the eight page Lovecraft homage “Necrothecam Ex Mortis” about the library where every single edition of the Necronomicon are collected. I also made the cover for this issue. The comic will be available this upcoming Raptus Comics Festival, where you can buy it from the ÜberPress stand. Please come and meet us for some stilted and awkward conversations!


Lynx Food

I recently sold a 6 page comic book about a viking to “Nynorsksenteret”, for use on their website. It can be read for free here. The comic will be printed in the anthology “Über-Viking” later this year, and like most physical objects, it will totally cost monies.

Random Dwarf

I just got hung up on fantasy dwarfs for some reason. Maybe it has something to do with a recent fantasy movie hitting theaters? I don’t know. I call this one Stoutbarrel. ‘Cause he’s stout. Like a barrel.